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Welcome to veterinary clinic "Dierenarts Rob van Zon"

Veterinary care for dogs, cats and birds

Utrecht, Leidsche Rijn / Terwijde

Veterinary consultations

Opening hours

Mon, tues, thur & fri: 9.00-19.30 h

Wed 9.00-18.00 h

We work by appointment


Avian medicine

​Birds are special animals with special needs. Dierenarts Rob van Zon offers specialized healthcare for birds, for example psittacines, owls, birds of prey, passerines, backyard poultry and waterfowl. All birds are individuals with their own character and qualities and at our clinic, they are treated with the personal attention and respect they deserve.

Small mammals (rabbits, rodents, hedgehogs and ferrets) are welcome for consultation and treatment by veterinarian Eline Das at our other clinic, Dierenkliniek RIjnlaan in Utrecht.

Preventive healthcare

Healthcare for dogs and cats

Veterinary clinic "Dierenarts Rob van Zon" in Terwijde / Leidsche Rijn in Utrecht is well known for the personal attention for patient and petowner. We provide high quality first line veterinary care for dogs and cats. Rob and Loes are both very experienced veterinarians.


With our skilled veterinarians, veterinary clinic " Dierenarts Rob van Zon" can provide many different surgical services for your pets. These include spaying/neutering, vasectomy, tumor removal, foreign body removal, eye surgery and orthopedic surgeries (also in birds and exotic animals).

Good preventive healthcare saves our pets from lots of diseases and discomfort. Besides that, it decreases medical costs. The cost of prevention is often a fraction of the cost of treating a disease or problem once it has become more advanced, and early diagnosis and treatment of developing problems or diseases can increase the likelihood of successful outcomes.


Preventive healthcare for your pet is teamwork. As  petowner, you take care of offering your pet enough exercise, a healthy diet,  a safe and stress-free environment and the possibility to exhibit natural behaviour. We offer medical support to keep your pet healthy, for example by annual health checks, vaccination, parasite control, dental care and spaying / neutering.

Our team

Veteriarians Rob and Loes are happy to help you and your pet at veterinary clinic "Rob van Zon" in Terwijde / Leidsche Rijn. You are very welcome to walk in and meet us!

Rob van Zon


16 yrs experience

Loes Reeders


5 yrs experience

Hyke Boutkan

Parrot behavior consultant
Veterinary technician

Denise Sloof

Parrot behavior consultant


Veterinary technician


Online afspraak maken

U kunt hier binnenkort ook online een afspraak maken voor bepaalde consulten en ingrepen bij Dierenarts Rob van Zon in Terwijde Leidsche Rijn. Voor spoedgevallen, chirurgie, gebitsbehandelingen of voor een afspraak op een ander moment van de dag (niet alle beschikbare plekken zijn online in te plannen) kunt u bellen naar onze praktijk 030 - 2006717.

Let u er wel op dat u bij stap 4 op de knop ‘Voltooien’ drukt om de afspraak te bevestigen. U ontvangt hierna een bevestiging per email.

Cheyenne Hoogendoorn

veterinary technician

Stacey van Asperen

veterinary technician

Danielle Rijkmans

Veterinary technician


Veterinary student


Onder constructie



Ivor Novellostraat 7

3543 EE Utrecht


Emergencies outside of our opening hours:

0900 - 2223000  Spoedkliniek SGMN